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Autumn Update 2012


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About the missing icons, post here:

Feedback and bug reports, post here: viewtopic.php?lan=en&markup=xhtml&f=38&t=15242
Or contact us by E-Mail:
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-11-30

Site News -

Next T4A Contest Vote.

So our second contest have already finished, all winners got their prizes successfully, but sadly we got just 10 entries for it, maybe it was too tough for you. To make our other contest more challenging we would like to ask you what kind of contest you wish us to make, drawing contest, photo contest, story etc, feel free to post your opinion, it there will be many people who would like to join in one exact contest we sure will make it!

You can post your votes to our fansite TibiaME forum thread:

Voting ends on 5 December.
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-11-12

Site News -

T4A video contest finished!


Congratulations for the winners!

1st Place:
2800 Platinum
YouTube Link
2nd Place:
2100 Platinum
YouTube Link
3rd Place:
1400 Platinum
YouTube Link

700 platinum or 1 month Premium consolation prize goes to:
YouTube Link
YouTube Link
YouTube Link

Winners will be contacted shortly, some of you tried to send us videos which already was uploaded in YouTube explaining that they can't send it, sorry for them but rules same for you all. We will back on with some other contests which would fit better.

Post what you think about the videos and have fun Here.

Thank you all,'s Team
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-11-10

Site News -

T4A Streaming Radio

TibiaME4ALL Streaming Radio:
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-10-20

Site News -

TibiaME4All Video contest


And here it comes! Video contest! Are you ready to take your awesome loot? Just don't get in panic, open your video recorder and start recording everything, but first read the rules.

Basic rules:
-You can make lyric videos (e.g. By Hamzy);
-You can record funny/interesting accident, hard monster hunt, etc;
-No depot videos;
-No hunting videos;
-Video must be interesting and original;
-Video musn't be longer than 5 minutes;
-You can edit your videos, make compilations;
-Video must be in acceptable quality;
-Video format must be *.avi/*.wmv or *.mp4, other formats will not be accepted;
-You can add music from TibiaME;
-You can edit TibiaME music tracks and add it into your video;
-You can't use videos from the internet;
-You can't use your old videos;
-You must credit song author (if used any song);
-Video must be about TibiaME.

-Any video recorder and video editor.

We will judge your videos in the following basis:
-Sound effects.

First place 4 Months Premium or 2800 Platinum
Second place 3 Months Premium or 2100 Platinum
Third place 2 Months Premium or 1400 Platinum

We will give some consolation prizes (limited)

-You need to attach your video to (if file is too big, use cloud and give us direct link from it)
-Type your character name, game world and E-mail (E-mail will be private)
-We will submit them into our YouTube channel;
-Don't forget to credit yourself in video too!

You can make lyric videos with nice songs, short story based on screenshots, video compilation, video comic, really anything you like.

Video contest will end November 10.

Rules can be changed at any time.

Good luck to everyone, don't be lazy and have fun!

All received videos posted on this playlist:

-Rules updated on 13 Oct.
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-10-08

Site News -

T4A Streaming Test Radio

T4A Test Radio

Hello all players and visitors of our site!
We are launching our test radio :)

T4A Streaming Test Radio, 24Hours/7Week Songs! So you can order the songs and we will play it! :)


How To open radio on your Android phone:

Have a great mood!
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-09-27

Site News -

Suggestions for the coming contest

We would like to ask you some suggestions for next TibiaME4All contest so if you have some ground breaking ideas feel free to post them right here! We will give one month premium or 700 Platinum for best idea which we might use for upcoming contest.

Post your suggestions here:
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-09-22

Site News -

T4A Drawing contest Finished!

Congratulations for the winners!

The Winners Is:
Mery w18 Kaitokid w7 Ultranova w14
Mery w18 Kaitokid w7 Ultranova w14

We will contact the winners to make sure that they received the rewards.
Thank you all, And wait for more contests!
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-09-05

Site News -

Monsters Lists Updated

Monsters Lists Updated:

Sorry, There is some missing icons. because I dont know this monsters.
Tell me any info about them please.
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-08-17

Site News -

T4A Drawing contest!


So you want to draw eh? Oh then you have the chance to do it! It's very simple, draw -> submit -> win some Premium!

What you need to do:
-Draw anything related to the TibiaME and/or Tibiame4all, it can be drawing, painting, mixed media, digital drawing (just your original drawings nothing from the internet), fake screenshot, comic.

-Attach your entry to
With Copy/Paste and fill the info.
TibiaME Character Name:
Game World:
E-Mail address:

What we will do:
-Judge your entries depends on various conditions such as idea, media quality, media originality and many more.
-Upload your submissions to the public: Facebook, TibiME forum, Tibiame4all etc.

What you will get:
3 winners will get 30 days Premium or 700 Platinum coins depends on winner needs.

Additional rules:
-One person can submit as many entries as he wish but he can win just one prize.
-Rules can be updated any time in case any upcoming problems.

Contest starts 12 August 2012 and ends after 24 days (5 September 2012)

Note: your arts will be posted with your names, email will be private.

You can view contest entries in T4A Facebook page:

To discuss any thing, please post in TibiaME Forum:

Good luck to everyone!
Category: Site News
Date: 2012-08-11

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