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Be Creative Contest


So while the past days we been a bit busy with real-life stuff that made our updates is too little, I mean really it was nothing, and many of you being asking and asking and asking for a contest, so here we are!
Its time to give away to you lucky ppl! This time we felt like it was time you actually earned your entry.

So what this contest is all about you might ask, well its simply an open contest, you can submit a drawing you made, a video you created, or even a screenshot or a photo you made. you can do anything really, it doesn't have to be one of the mentioned examples, you can literally do anything. The only requirement here is being related to TibiaME and it must be created by you. Just be creative about it and make it with quality!

The rules are simple:
- The content must be original and created by you, and you need to prove that.
- The content must be new and made specifically for this contest.
- You must add "TibiaME4All" logo/text on the content.
- The content must be in acceptable quality.
- Your content must be posted as one piece, not as separate photos/videos.
- Photo modifications are allowed. (Fake screenshots/Story comics/etc)
- In case of photo modifications, the original photo needs to be included in the same mail.

Entry submissions:
You need to attach your content to that e-mail:
And tell us the following:

The prizes:
3x 2500 Platinum
10x 700 Platinum
20x 210 Platinum
13x 100 Platinum
2x 120 Days Premium Time
4x 30 Days Premium Time

Contest duration:
Contest starts now and ends on 31 October 2014.

* The entries will be judged by t4a staff depending on various conditions such as idea, media quality, media originality and many more, and they will choose the winners.
* The rules can be updated anytime as if anything develops.
* If any of the rules has been violated we will not accept the entry without informing the sender.
* The submitted content will be posted with names only. email will be private.
* One person can submit more than one entry, but can't win more than one prize.
* The rewards depends on the quality and the originality of the submitted content.

The submitted entries here: ... 044&type=1

Good luck to everyone!

Last edited on 25 Sep 2014
Category: Site News
Date: 2014-09-24

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