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News - Winterfeast Event Beta 2012 -

Winterfeast Event Beta 2012


What will happen with the event:
- New Questline on Aurea (only available during the event)
- New Worldquest with Daily Quest (only available during the event)
- Aurea city is covered in snow and ice and you can start the questline at the NPC Vrost Fath
- Players on each gameworld need to solve a certain amount of Daily Quests every day. If they manage this, the gameworld will receive 10% EP Bonus on monster kills for the rest of the day. So the earlier the gameworld solve the quests, the more time with the bonus.

All screenshots here: ... 044&type=3

TibiaME Winterfeast Event - Aurea City Show:

Category: Site News
Date: 2012-12-19

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