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World 5
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# Name World Level Exp
1 Kyouko Wizard 5 171 691,076,975 EP
2 Tsunayoshi Wizard 5 171 689,600,238 EP
3 Kremlinz Warrior 5 162 553,998,003 EP
4 Darkangels Wizard 5 160 537,103,545 EP
5 Zulqarn Warrior 5 157 487,787,349 EP
6 Vot Warrior 5 145 353,743,976 EP
7 Ratuwizard Wizard 5 143 341,632,006 EP
8 Pachirisu Warrior 5 137 287,576,715 EP
9 Mrlann Warrior 5 137 281,581,488 EP
10 Tsuragi Warrior 5 136 278,911,446 EP
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Last Update: 2014-09-22 20:10:42



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Last part of the Summerfeast

The blessing of Sunna the worlds received when they defeated the necessary number of locust swarms to save the harvest, will be active throughout the weekend.

From today on it is possible for players to do the final two singleplayer quests and play a vital role in rescuing the summerfeast. After finishing these two quests a player can participate in the last worldquest that starts on Monday.
After server save the rays of Sunna will animate trees on the islands Aurea, Ashmor, St. Nivalis, Yabutu, Banuna, Fabulara, Starrfish Island Solahmar and Treasure Island. These Anitree are shy and will try to flee from you until you hurt them enough to make them angry. Then they will turn and attack. Also the big summerfeast fire will start in the circle of stones west of Aurea city.
The task set by the goddess is to keep the fire burning 4 days. If the world makes it then the final blessing of Sunna is received and for the three following days the world will be granted a 30% experience bonus on hunting monsters.
To keep the fire burning soulwood must be delivered to the wood collector near the fire. 400 pieces of soulwood are needed every day to keep the fire from being extinguished.
To get the soulwood you have to hunt Anitrees. Once killed there is a chance that it drops a piece of soulwood. But the drop rate depends on the level of the hunter and the location of the Anitree.
High level Players shouldn't hunt week Anitrees on Aurea or Ashmore, as their chances of getting soulwood are very slim. The best Islands for high levels to hunt for soulwood would be Solahmar and Treasure Island.

When you deliver the soulwood to the wood collector don't forget to talk to Firwart there. Perhaps he will give you a reward.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-29

Summer Summerfeast 2014 [More Info]

As you surely have noticed there were some problems with the balancing of the Summerfeast preparations. Even after a rebalancing not many worlds met the requested numbers.
But Sunna looked at all the worlds and was moved by their efforts to please her. She decided to let her grace shine on all worlds. So since today all words that did not met the requirements on the first attempt were awarded a lesser version of Sunnas blessing and receive 5% experience when killing monsters. Also these worlds will allow to continue the Summerfeast. This means they can get the next 2 Quests in the single-player questline from Sunkiest and participate in the upcoming worldquest.

On all worlds Sunnas blessing will end with the server save at 00:00 CET on Monday. With the end of the reward phase the next worldquest starts and runs for 4 days. While the worldquest is active you will have to protect the harvest on the farms against raids of locust swarms. These raids appear every hour on a randomly determined farm and will last for half an hour before it disappears again.
To protect a farm you have to kill all monsters of the raid while it is running. The worldquest is considered done and the harvest protected when the world defeated more than 33 swarm attacks. After participating in an raid you should talk to the farmer for some reward.

After finishing the worldquest successfully the world will once again receive Sunnas blessing but this time it will give a 20% experience bonus when killing monsters and will last from Friday to Sunday. Then the final phase of the feast will start.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-22

Summerfeast 2014 [Sunnas Blessing]

Summerfeast 2014

Sunnas Blessing
After looking at the progress of the worlds during the summerfeast preparations, Sunna has decided to lower the necessary thresholds for receiving her blessing.

With tonight's server save the preparation period will end and the new thresholds will take effect. Those worlds that gathered enough of the requested items on each of the islands will receive an experience bonus of 10% for killed monsters for the next five days. Also all players on this world may talk to Sunkiest again. He might have to do something for you again.

The worlds that did not got all the necessary items on all islands will have 5 days to contemplate their failure. After that they can try again. This time they will only have 4 days to gather the items. But don't worry, the number of necessary items was also reduced.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-19

Summerfeast 2014 [Info]

Summerfeast 2014

Here is some more information on the first phase of the Summerfeast.

As you surely have noticed, several new npcs have arrived in the world of TibiaME. Talk to Sunkiest in Aurea to get started with your quest to help with the Summerfeast.

After doing the quests he tasks you with, you can participate in the daily quests of the Summerfeast preparations and earn tokens. These quests are available at the collector npcs on different islands and give you experience according to the island. On each island you can collect a special item that is needed in the preparation ritual. Just talk to the collectors on an island and he will tell you which item he needs and how to find it.

After doing your requested part in the preparations and receiving your token reward, you can still help your world to reach your overall goal of achieving the first of the Summerfeast blessings but there will be no personal reward for that.

The preparations last for 7 days during which you can do the daily quests and the volunteer work. If your world reaches the targeted item counts till then, Sunna will bless the world with a 10% experience bonus on all monsters for the following 5 days. Should the world fail to make the preparations, it will be able to try again after a 5 days period of contemplation.

After finishing the preparations you can go to Sunna again. He will need your help again and task you with new quests. After completing these you can again participate in another world quest for an even stronger blessing of Sunna. In this second phase you will also have the chance to earn more Tokens then in the previous one.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-14

Teaser: Summerfeast 2014

It is the time of the year when the priests of the sun praise the live giving powers of their goddess Sunna, show gratefulness for the gifts that flourish under her benevolent face and pray for the blessing of the goddess.

But something is wrong. Mishaps endanger the course of the event and the Summerfeast is on the brink of failing. Is this all just bad luck or is some sinister force behind what is happening?

Can you help the priesthood in preventing a failing of the Summerfeast? Are you able to discover the truth behind this strange mishaps? And will you participate in bringing the blessing of Sunna to the world?

Join the Summerfeast event and experience a 6 quest singleplayer questline intertwined with 3 successive worldquests.
Receive tokens of rewards from the thankful priests and exchange them for special Summerfeast items.
Ensure with your help that the blessing of Sunna shines on your world which makes hunting more rewarding.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-08-06

Summer Sale 2014

Summer Sale 2014
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2014-07-25

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