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Best EXP Today:
World 5
Worst EXP Today:
World 5
# Name World Level Exp
1 Xdr 5 189 1,051,742,783 EP
2 Hard 5 183 911,390,881 EP
3 Ratuwizard 5 180 857,977,707 EP
4 Kyouko 5 180 853,128,555 EP
5 Irelia 5 174 741,106,486 EP
6 Bianchii 5 172 708,026,636 EP
7 Kazuragi 5 172 707,388,193 EP
8 Darkangels 5 160 538,117,440 EP
9 Elk 5 160 536,093,629 EP
10 Kyt 5 158 511,205,995 EP
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Last Update: 2016-10-21 02:11:12



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image TibiaME Beta - Riftion's Quest -
image TibiaME Beta - Banuna's Quest -
image TibiaME Beta - Because why not? (Aurea City) -
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Latest News

CrazyME Contest 2.0 Winners


Congratulations to the winners!

10,000 Platinum
Mid w13
5,000 Platinum
Keytenz w17
5,000 Platinum
Talento w17

Click See more to see the rest of the winners.

Category: Site News
Date: 2016-10-06

CrazyME Contest 2.0

CrazyME contest 2.0!
In the past few years TibiaME made a contest called "CrazyME", to join this contest you basically had to take a picture of yourself playing TibiaME at a crazy location. well, this is exactly the same.

So, all you need is a phone that has a camera to take a photo of yourself in real-life playing TibiaME at a crazy location.
If you still don't know what it is all about, these are the winners of the last contest.
Be creative and go crazy with it, but don't forget to be safe!

The rules are simple:
- The photo must be of yourself playing TibiaME in real-life.
- You must actually be at a "Crazy" location while playing.
- Don't do anything that can harm you in any way.
- The photo must be new and made specifically for this contest.

Entry submissions:
You need to attach your photo to that e-mail:
And tell us the following:

The prizes:
1st winner 10,000 Platinum.
2nd winner 5,000 Platinum.
3rd winner 5,000 Platinum.
No amount of winners set.

* The entries will be judged by t4a staff depending on various conditions such as idea, quality, originality and many more, and they will choose the winners.
* The rules can be updated anytime as if anything develops.
* If any of the rules has been violated we will not accept the entry without informing the sender.
* The submitted content will be posted with names only. email will be private.
* One person can submit more than one entry, but can't win more than one prize.

Contest duration:
Contest starts now and ends on 30 September 2016.

The submitted photos posted here: ... 1672312677

Good luck to everyone!
Category: Site News
Date: 2016-08-08

First Update 2016

First Update 2016
The first update 2016 has been released. Explore the forgotten island of Riftion and face the madness that reigns there.
For bug reports and feedback please use the official feedback thread you find here.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2016-07-14

Second Teaser: First Update 2016 (Part 3)

A New Weapon
There will be a new weapon for each vocation. Each will be level 129, does fire and ice damage, and will come in varying power levels. Here you can see what they will look like:

Image Image


A New Legendary Pet
Ever wanted a mysterious and powerful sphinx as your pet? Then this will be your chance. Fight the Krakomin boss on Riftion and you might discover a way to tame one of these rare and powerful creatures.


Beta Test
The beta test that allows you to test all these things before they will be published, is not far away anymore. Please stay tuned for more information.

Like the last years, this beta test will be web client only.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2016-06-19

Second Teaser: First Update 2016 (Part 2)

New Worldquest
There also awaits a challenge that is to big for only one hero alone. So you and your fellow adventurers on this world will have to cooperate to break through the energy barriers that stop you from reaching the old manor on the very peak of Riftion, which is now the home of the...

New High Level Boss battle
This boss battle is designed for a team of four characters that are all level 100+. Participate in the worldquest to gain access to the manor. When the barriers open, you and your team have to brave the old manor house to reach the chambers of madness. There you will face the lord of the Krakomin in flesh and tentacles.

Survive and you will have the chance to receive one of these two great rewards...
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2016-06-18

Second Teaser: First Update 2016 (Part 1)

First update 2016
Here is some more information on what will be released with this update.

New Island for Level 80+
A new island was added to the world of TibiaME. Set sail on behalf of the king of Aurea to investigate the warning of a mysterious cast away and discover the new island of Riftion.

Follow a new challenging quest line and finds out what's behind the recent changes that transpired on Riftion. But beware, there is something going on and even your best friend might turn on you.

Finish the questline and get rewarded with a brand new level 99 spell for wizard or warrior.

The island will be full pvp with reduced experience loss.

New Monster Level 90+
Match your strength against the new monster that appeared on Riftion. Where did it come from? What are its powers? And more important, can you best it? You will find it out soon... But here we will grant you a first glimpse at what this monster looks like.

Image Image Image Image
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2016-06-17

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