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Best EXP Today:
World 5
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No Exp Yet.
# Name World Level Exp
1 Kyouko 5 180 851,830,165 EP
2 Tank 5 178 825,079,105 EP
3 Bianchii 5 172 708,026,636 EP
4 Xdr 5 169 658,077,324 EP
5 Ratuwizard 5 166 619,327,886 EP
6 Kremlinz 5 164 582,712,457 EP
7 Darkangels 5 160 537,791,352 EP
8 Tsuragi 5 159 520,595,648 EP
9 Aanfold 5 149 399,840,193 EP
10 Elk 5 145 357,734,409 EP
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Last Update: 2015-11-26 01:10:57



image TibiaME Beta - Banuna's Quest -
image TibiaME Beta - Because why not? (Aurea City) -
image TibiaME Beta - Cerberus Pet - Autumn Update 2014 -
image TibiaME Beta - Mutabor Bossfight (Ephialtis) - Autumn Update 2014 -
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Latest News

Maintenance Downtime

On Friday 20.11.2015 all gameworlds will be down from 10:00 CET to 11:00 CET for maintenance reasons.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-11-19

New Payment Provider

Today we added Paymentwall. With this new payment provider we are able to offer you an even greater variety of payment methods than before.
Just check it out and see if you find a method that suits you.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-11-11

Darkmoon's Eve

Darkmoon's Eve

The Darkmoon's Eve has begun. There are rumors about witches trading cursed masks for ghost lights around Aurea.

Ghost lights, which the witches are looking for, can be found being carried by many scary monsters such as Spiders, Bats or Skeletons.

Some scary stories about evil witches and tyraclops haunting Aurea during the Darkmoon's Eve have also been told. Better hunt carefully.

The horror continues until 08.11.2015 midnight CEST!
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-10-31

Double EP

Double EP

It's Double EP time again! From Friday (23.10.2015) until Monday (26.10.2015) midnight CEST you will receive double experience for your hunting efforts!
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-10-23



This weekend Ephialtis will be free for everyone. From Friday (09.10.2015) until Sunday (11.10.2015) midnight CEST you get unlimited access to all areas of Ephialtis for FREE.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-10-09



This weekend Erebos will be free for everyone. From Friday (25.09.2015) until Sunday (27.09.2015) midnight CEST you get unlimited access to all areas of Erebos for FREE.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-09-25

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