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T4A 4th Contest -

Total Joined Characters:

So you wanted a smiple and easy contest without needing to have a PC or talent?
Fine, This contest is easy, no pc needed, no talent needed, everyone can do some basic steps to join and have chance to win! All you need to do is follow the following steps!

The prize:
700 platinum for a lucky 14 winner
6 month premium for a lucky 2 winners

How to win?
*We will pick the winners randomly by the code.
*The only way to win is throw this page.
*The winners will get the prize directly to the submitted character, there is no contacting by email.

The rules are simple:
-Like T4A on Facebook:
-Follow T4A on Twitter:
-Subscribe on YouTube:

The contest is over.

*The name and world must be correct.
In case we got a wrong name or world we will randomly choose another winner.

Contest starts on: 8-Jul-2013 And ends on: 28-Jul-2013
We will announce the winners shortly after that.

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Good luck!

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