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Be Creative Contest [Follow up]


Just a quick note to everyone who're going to apply submission(-s):
-Please keep it more interesting. We don't want to see your inventories/your cool items/how you fight strong monster etc.
-Try to keep decent quality of your media, if you're going to submit comic or screenshots please keep it in original quality, don't stretch, squeeze it to avoid pixelation. If you're submitting drawings please scan them or make a photo in day time e.g hang your drawing on a wall and then take a picture.
-We got plenty of mails without attachments, please double check everything before you send it. If you accidentally sent us mail without all info needed, please send it again and indicate that it is your second mail of same submission.
-We are still waiting for some videos and maybe even songs.
-Quality over quantity.

Some of you took this contest really lightly, took a screenshot, added one or two elements and called it a submission, honestly in my point of view that took less then 5 minutes. Sorry but those submissions ain't winning anything because I have been asked to judge this contest and I appreciate idea and time spent more than anything else.

Good luck with your entries,

Category: Site News
Date: 2014-10-12

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