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CrazyME Contest 2.0

CrazyME contest 2.0!
In the past few years TibiaME made a contest called "CrazyME", to join this contest you basically had to take a picture of yourself playing TibiaME at a crazy location. well, this is exactly the same.

So, all you need is a phone that has a camera to take a photo of yourself in real-life playing TibiaME at a crazy location.
If you still don't know what it is all about, these are the winners of the last contest.
Be creative and go crazy with it, but don't forget to be safe!

The rules are simple:
- The photo must be of yourself playing TibiaME in real-life.
- You must actually be at a "Crazy" location while playing.
- Don't do anything that can harm you in any way.
- The photo must be new and made specifically for this contest.

Entry submissions:
You need to attach your photo to that e-mail:
And tell us the following:

The prizes:
1st winner 10,000 Platinum.
2nd winner 5,000 Platinum.
3rd winner 5,000 Platinum.
No amount of winners set.

* The entries will be judged by t4a staff depending on various conditions such as idea, quality, originality and many more, and they will choose the winners.
* The rules can be updated anytime as if anything develops.
* If any of the rules has been violated we will not accept the entry without informing the sender.
* The submitted content will be posted with names only. email will be private.
* One person can submit more than one entry, but can't win more than one prize.

Contest duration:
Contest starts now and ends on 30 September 2016.

The submitted photos posted here: ... 1672312677

Good luck to everyone!
Category: Site News
Date: 2016-08-08

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