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Promote TibiaME/TibiaME4All Contest


Hello TibiaME players!
Waiting for the contest? Well, it's time for some crazy stuff!

First things first, we are sorry about the contest suggestions thread, we promised that we will use some of them, but sadly all suggestions do not fit the whole point of "For all people to join and for fun".

So, here is the thing:
We want all people to enjoy the contest and win, so we planned to make a contest about "Promoting Tibiame4all and TibiaME". with your family, friends and even strangers in street!

The rules is simple:
Your contest, Your rules. You choose how you would like to join, using the possible way you can!
All you need to do is to tell about TibiaME/TibiaME4All as a fan by your own ways!

For example:
Tell people that you are a fan of TibiaME or TibiaME4All, with creative way or with funny way or with a great idea. Anything, we don't know! :)

You can choose to do anything you can, draw if you are good artist, snap some photos promoting TibiaME/Tibiame4all, make video like our previous contest, make some comics, screenshots, etc.

Send us link of your work on our E-Mail, and we will show it to all on our facebook page.

We will watch them and will decide which of the senders are going to win. It will depends on whether its the funniest video, the most creative video, maybe the biggest idea, we dont know, whatever, we wanna see what you would do to promote TibiaME or TibiaME4All as a number one fan!

There will be really huge amount of Platinum waiting for you so you do not need to worry about that. Best ideas will get best prizes so stand up and take some cookies to help you think!

The prizes:
Places from 5000 to 700 Platinum.
With no amount of winners set

-Send us link of your entries (Photos or Videos) to

-Type your character name, game world and E-Mail (E-Mail will be private)

Please read all the comments on this thread to do not misunderstand anything:

Contest starts January 30 and ends March 30.

Good luck!
Category: Site News
Date: 2013-01-28

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