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Best EXP Today:
World 23
Worst EXP Today:
World 24
# Name World Level Exp
1 Nakmumy 24 217 1,820,307,085 EP
2 King 1 216 1,768,847,989 EP
3 Judge 32 205 1,449,047,990 EP
4 Onee 24 203 1,386,745,999 EP
5 Kloyn 9 201 1,334,135,098 EP
6 Tuman 17 199 1,271,538,359 EP
7 Slavyan 2 194 1,158,527,113 EP
8 Exploz 2 193 1,137,807,596 EP
9 BEST 1 193 1,125,509,343 EP
10 Solsha 2 193 1,125,463,342 EP
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Last Update: 2015-08-29 22:10:51



image TibiaME Beta - Banuna's Quest -
image TibiaME Beta - Because why not? (Aurea City) -
image TibiaME Beta - Cerberus Pet - Autumn Update 2014 -
image TibiaME Beta - Mutabor Bossfight (Ephialtis) - Autumn Update 2014 -
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Latest News

Death Recovery

New MTX Product
Forgot to buy a life insurance and died? Then we have a brand new offer for you, the Death Recovery for 700 Platinum. Please note that this product is not the same as an insurance and only valid for 12 hours after the most recent death.

Ingame Privacy
We made some adjustments to protect your ingame privacy. From now on, you can only get detailed information on another character when you are on each others friends list.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-03-24

Hunterra Island - Final hint

You can reach all these areas by taking the quests that can be done for the camp npcs.

The quests of this npc have a simple structure. Just kill the number of monsters he asks you for, then go back and get your reward.

The tasks this npc gives you are also quite straight forward. Just kill as many of the monsters he requests in one hour. The more you kill, the more experience you get. Up to a maximum of course.

Don Correc
This is probably a little tricky to understand. The npc wants you to take one hour to kill a set number of a specific monster. If you reach the number to early or the time runs out before you reach it, then your accuracy is off. A little off is tolerable but the more you are off, the less reward you will receive. Should you be to far off, like reaching the kill count in 10 minutes or killing just 2 of the monsters in one hour, you failed and will receive nothing.

Also an npc for straight forward quests. Find the monster he names, kill it and collect the drops until you reach the number requested.

The tasks he gives you are a little more tricky again. They require some special action to get what is required, like finding a blooming bloodroot and killing a monster next to it. Or using an item on a weakened monster to make the drop of some crystals possible. Perhaps you must even kill harmless little creatures to lure their might protector, as it has the thing you need.

The NPCs will restrict the possible quests to the level range of the player or the tasks done. So you will only get the quests that send you into the cavern, when you have reached a certain level or done all quests in the previous area at least once.
Each of the quests is repeatable once every 24 hours.

Hunterra also has some new achievements for you to collect:

Hunting Trails: Used all portals on hunterra

Young Boar
Small Game Hunter
Big Game Hunter
Speed Hunting Trophy
Spiritual Hunter

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-03-19

Hunterra Island - Hint 2

You have 3 main areas, the surface, the caverns and the lost city. Each of these areas contains 3 sub-areas.

On the surface you have the northern, the south-western and the eastern island. Each of the island is home to a specific monster race. Each race is designed for a specific level.

It is the same with the caverns. You can access different areas of the caverns from one of the entrances found on the surface. Each island has entrances to another area with other monsters. But the caverns areas are interconnected, so it is possible to change from one to another.

In the caverns you find the entrances to the lost city. The city is mostly in ruin but separated into three parts by the remains of the city walls. Each part of the city is claimed by a different monster race that protects its domain fiercely.

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-03-18

Hunterra Island - Hint 1

With the short downtime today, we added a new island to the world of TibiaME. This island with the name Hunterra is the secret hunting ground of the Hunting Society. It brings you some new hunting grounds, hunting quests and challenges.

Talk to the mysterious stranger Borogart who appears randomly in the cities on the islands and do his task to discover the secret of Hunterra. Or check the various harbours, to discover the way to Hunterra all by yourself.

The island was designed to give players with level 55+ some new hunting grounds and new hunting quests. Talk to Pawblood at the camp to begin your way up the ranks of the Hunting Society. He and the other NPCs in the camp offer you a variety of hunting quests. How about doing some speed hunting for Quickill? Or show your hunting accuracy for DonCorrec? Forageur the cook of the camp will ask you to bring back some delicacies from your hunting trips and the strange Leflam needs some ingredients for who knows what.

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-03-17

World 17

Gameworld 17 was offline due to a technical problem. We restarted the world and are investigating the issue.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-03-11

Connection Problems

Today, Friday 06.03.2015, technical problems within the network of our service provider hindered the access to our servers. The problems are solved and unhindered access should be possible again.

In addition we identified a problem that prevented the disbursement of fyber-earned Platinum. This was fixed too and the distribution of the Platinum was initiated.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2015-03-06

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