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Best EXP Today:
World 23
Worst EXP Today:
World 31
# Name World Level Exp
1 Nakmumy Warrior 24 200 1,298,357,011 EP
2 Onee Warrior 24 197 1,225,484,813 EP
3 Powerful Wizard 1 192 1,106,770,329 EP
4 Tuman Wizard 17 188 1,013,931,390 EP
5 Kloyn Wizard 9 185 960,688,288 EP
6 Mimosa Warrior 1 182 890,637,672 EP
7 Holodnyj Warrior 17 181 877,007,497 EP
8 Slavyan Warrior 2 181 869,124,687 EP
9 Exploz Warrior 2 180 848,645,000 EP
10 Madina Warrior 3 179 843,834,210 EP
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Last Update: 2014-09-22 04:10:42



image TibiaME - Vampelder Special Effect - Spring update 2014 Beta Test -
image TibiaME - Killing one single Archdemon!! - Spring update 2014 Beta Test -
image TibiaME - Hunting Demons! - Spring update 2014 Beta Test -
image TibiaME - Demon Lord Special Effect - Spring update 2014 Beta Test -
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Autumn Update Beta 2013Autumn Update Beta 2013Autumn Update Beta 2013Autumn Update Beta 2013

Latest News

Double EP Event

Double EP Event
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2013-12-30

Winterfeast Event

Winterfeast Event
The Winterfeast is coming. From December 19 until January 1 the Winterfeast will be celebrated in TibiaME. Help together and earn a 10% EP Bonus for each killed monster or lift the secret content of the Winterfeast gifts!
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2013-12-18

Autumn update 2013

AU 2013

Autumn update 2013 is coming. All TibiaME game worlds will be offline until 15:00 (German time) approximately.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2013-11-26

Autumn Update 2013 Second Teaser

Here is the second teaser for the upcoming autumnupdate 2013! There open beta has now started.

You can access the beta at:

You can also download beta clientes (2.13) here:

Gameworld is world 2!

Revamp of Solamar
Discover the ancient secrets of Solahmar in a completely new questline. Fight your way through more than 20 brand new quests, face exciting challenges and discover new weapons and armours:



You will also face two new monsters on the way through Solamar:

The Sphinx

The Djinn

Monster taming:
Tame one of seven monsters and make it your loyal ally. Check out the new druid camp south of Aurea and talk to the druids. You will be able to tame the following monsters:

  • Wolf (Level 1)
  • Hornet (Level 1)
  • Bat (Level 1)
  • Scorpion (Level 1)
  • Sabrecat (Level 6)
  • Crocodile (Level 10)
  • Troll (Level 10)

You can also get a Drake Whelp (Level 1) if you have earned one of the pet cages during Dragon Rutting.
Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2013-11-20

Autumn Update Beta Test 2013

I just relized that we did not posted a news about the Beta test, but we are posting everywhere in TibiaME Forum and Facebook. so here is the news! lol

Pets are:
Dragon whelp (Requires that little cage from Dragon Rutting event)

Little video about how pets works:

Little show of Wawo's Quest

Wolf Leveling Up

Getting 2nd Pet

Showing The Pets

Some screenshots from the Autumn update beta test: ... +Beta+2013

Frequently Asked Questions:
Click see more to read them.

Category: TibiaME News
Date: 2013-11-19

Highscores problem solved

The highscores should be updated now.

You will see your exp updated for now, also the best/worst exp system should be worked as usual.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Category: Site News
Date: 2013-11-06

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